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Community Development,Women's Issues

Community Water Solutions aims implement community-level water treatment businesses in communities of the developing world that are run by members of the community, provide clean water for residents of that community, generate economic growth and empower women in the community.


    Reflections of an (almost-former) Ghana Country Director

    I can’t believe its been a year. A year already? A year only?! Volunteering with Community Water Solutions this year was an experience that I am struggling to summarize. I could go by those landmark successes (and failures). Opening days in SIXTEEN communities = great success! Pushing the CWS truck down the Kumasi road = huge fail! But I think it’s those ordinary days that have defined this year for me. Read More

    480 More People Have Clean Drinking Water This Month!

    On April 24, 2012, all of our Spring Fellows returned safe and sound to the U.S. from an impactful month in Ghana! With our first Spring Fellowship complete we were able to bring clean drinking water to 480 more people for the village of Sakpalua, including 100 children. Thanks to the hardwork of Chelsea, Nick, Rich & Colleen! Despite a few bumps in the road, literally and figuratively speaking, the Spring Fellows were able to implement a permanent drinking source for the people of Sakpalua! Read More