Green Mountain Coffee Inc.  

Social Impact Profile ™

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. (GMCR) is focused on creating positive and sustainable change for people and ecosystems in the places where we do business through focused sustainability endeavors. We are committed to social and environmental responsibility and continue to evolve our company’s corporate citizenship and community outreach efforts. We’ve operated under the core belief that our strength as a business, our support for our employees, and our commitment to our local and global communities are inseparable; each supports the others in a powerful synergy that drives our success.


    Partnering with Supply-Chain Communities

    We believe that as we thrive, so should our suppliers and their local communities. We expect and depend on suppliers to provide quality products. Our approach is to support nonprofit organizations working to help suppliers receive a fair price for their product, make business decisions that support their families and build healthy, environmentally-sound communities. Read More


    Supporting Local Communities

    We support the communities where our employees, customers and partners work and live. Our approach to this outreach is to focus on the local social and environmental issues that are most urgent within those communities. Read More