Green Mountain Coffee Inc.  

Social Impact Profile ™

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. (GMCR) is focused on creating positive and sustainable change for people and ecosystems in the places where we do business through focused sustainability endeavors. We are committed to social and environmental responsibility and continue to evolve our company’s corporate citizenship and community outreach efforts. We’ve operated under the core belief that our strength as a business, our support for our employees, and our commitment to our local and global communities are inseparable; each supports the others in a powerful synergy that drives our success.


    Working Together for Change

    Many of our sustainability initiatives—from production to disposal—demonstrate our belief that individuals, companies, communities and organizations can achieve more working together than apart. Sharing ideas and perspectives, developing joint guidelines and collaborating on solutions provide opportunities for everyone involved to benefit. Read More


    Creating an Exceptional Workplace

    Our commitment to sustainability, healthier lives and economies begins with our own workplace. Creating an exceptional workplace is a shared responsibility that contributes to the success of both our company and our employees. We offer opportunities for our people to learn, develop and advance in their careers and lives. In turn, our employees recognize their responsibility in taking advantage of these opportunities to benefit themselves as well as the company. Read More