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At BPE we commit to nothing less than student success. We believe that every child should have the right to a quality public education and that Boston can be the first city to fulfill this basic promise of our democracy. Our mission is to drive exceptional outcomes for all students by developing great teachers and great schools. We prepare and support a diverse group of talented teachers for Boston's schools, and we partner to create strong schools where teachers can do their best work and children learn at their highest potential. With our innovative and replicable models of teacher and school development, BPE is a powerful force for reframing schooling in Boston.


    Giving Teachers the Tools to Make a Difference

    Boston Teacher Residency (BTR) recruits talented college graduates, career changers and community members of all ages and gives them the tools to make an immediate impact in the classrooms of the Boston Public Schools (BPS). Combining a yearlong classroom apprenticeship with targeted master’s-level coursework, the program offers much more than just an affordable route into teaching. BTR provides every Resident with the practical learning, hands-on experience and ongoing support essential to any successful career in teaching. Read More


    Relentlessly, Aggressively, Exhaustedly, Hopeful

    “So, what was BTR like?” my parents asked me. It was only a few hours after graduation. After the speeches and the official handing out of certificates, after we streamed out of Faneuil Hall and stood around taking pictures in the heat of a late July Boston evening. It had been a whirlwind day. It had been a whirlwind 13 months. I was at a loss for an answer. Read More