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The New England Wildlife Center is an informal hands-on science education organization that uses the activities of veterinary medical care and rehabilitation of wildlife like raccoons, reptiles, and birds of prey, and the veterinary care of exotic pets like snakes, lizards, and turtles as a vehicle for learning by elementary, middle school, high school and undergraduate students. The Center, located in a green, sustainable facility known as the Thomas E. Curtis Wildlife Hospital and Education Facility, is in Weymouth, Massachusetts. The Center is a community integrated non-profit that serves as the meeting place for science educators, reptile enthusiasts, animal control officers, wildlife caretakers, folk musicians, and habitat based artists.


    Wildlife Care

    The Center treats and cares for 225 different species of animals from the local area. Over the years we have treated over 75,000 wild animals. This includes sick, injured and orphaned native and naturalized wild animals such as hummingbirds, snapping turtles, raccoons, foxes, cottontails, hawks, owls and many others. The care is conducted under the direction of veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitators, and veterinary technicians. Read More


    Wildlife and Exotic Medicine Internships

    Students from all over the world come to the Center to work and study in both the Wildlife Clinic and the Odd Pet Vet (exotic animal practice). Students come to the Center to gain valuable first hand experience in veterinary medical technology, medicine and natural history. Our internship program specializes in full-immersion apprentice-style job training to high school and undergraduate students. Read More