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Science,Education,Computers & Technology

Latinas in STEM is an organization established and run by a group of MIT Latina alumnae. Our primary purpose is to spread awareness about STEM and encourage middle-school and high-school Latinas, especially within underserved communities, to strongly consider pursuing a STEM career. We aim to not only educate students, but most importantly their parents so that they may be better positioned to support their daughters along this challenging journey. Our secondary purpose is to help Latinas in STEM thrive in their college and professional careers through mentorship, networking and recognition.


    STEM 101 Conference at Steven's Institute of Technology

    On May 23rd, Stevens Institute of Technology's SHPE Chapter partnered with the Latinas in STEM Foundation to host Latinas in STEM 101 Conference in Hoboken, NJ. Latinas in STEM 101 is a series of nationwide workshops, developed by the Latinas in STEM Foundation, focused on inspiring middle and high school students (and their parents) to pursue and thrive in STEM fields. Conference included a hands-on activity, workshops exploring STEM fields, personal stories by current professionals in STEM fields, and parent information sessions. Read More