Horizons For Homeless Children    

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We help children learn how to play, to share, to read, and to enjoy exploring their worlds. We help parents learn how to be nurturing and involved in the growth and development of their children, and help them learn and grow through job training, GED and college courses. We help to stabilize families so that they can weather any crisis, and thus help to break the cycle of homelessness that too often occurs.


    7th Young Children Without Homes National Conference

    Hosted by Horizons for Homeless Children, this is the only national conference that focuses exclusively on young children and their families who experience homelessness. Over the past seven years, this conference has attracted hundreds of attendees in various locations and provided opportunities for service providers from across the country to learn and share information. Read More

    From Scrubbing Floors to Ivy League

    While HHC focuses on homeless children under the age of 6, there are still many other children out there that need your help! Check out this inspiring story that CNN did on an 18 year old girl from NC who was abandoned last year and left homeless. This fall, she will be attending Harvard University! Read More