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We Believe

By amplifying the social impact of individuals & organizations we can inspire altruism in ALL! We're innovating how people & organizations give back to increase volunteering and fix the generational gap in volunteerism! Millennials, the future leaders of our companies, schools, and nonprofits, have the lowest volunteer rate in America and their national volunteer rate has declined for over 5 years.

AltruHelp provides a free online community along with software solutions and strategy consulting to expand civic engagement. Our mobile & online technology for companies, schools and nonprofits increases volunteering & impact. Share the good you do with the world & inspire altruism. Join us today to increase your IMPACT & help inspire a lasting culture of service!


Born from a Babson & MIT collaboration, we started as a social experiment to demonstrate that technology can make it easier for people to give back & that sharing altruistic action can motivate others to make a difference. Dedicated to social innovation, we're now an online community and building software solutions to enhance civic engagement for companies, schools, and nonprofits. Together we can increase volunteering and reinforce a lasting culture of service for future generations.

What is Altruism?

Altruism has many definitions. Some say it’s the idea of being extremely generous or just genuinely caring. Many dictionaries define it as unselfish regard for, or devotion to, the welfare of others. At AltruHelp, we simply believe altruism is a helping behavior, inspired by a desire to do good or make a difference.
AltruHelp is a Points of Light / Village Capital civic accelerator venture and a MassChallenge finalist, the global $1M entrepreneurship competition & incubator.